C*Gal Sentinal

One of the most problematic command and control issues that the correctional facilities and prisons deal with is with the control and monitor of inmates in transfer between detention facilities and prisons and between those and court or hospitals .
C*GAL system is an advanced control and monitoring system of inmates in transfer for the Correctional Facilities, Detention Houses and Prisons. The system is a fast and accurate tool for automatic control and registration throughout the whole process of moving prisoners and detainees in and out of prisons and associated establishments (Court houses, Hospital, police stations etc.)
A prisoner that is required to be transferred is first identified and a bracelet with a two dimensional Bar-Codes is attached to his wrist. Before transfering the prisoner the system merges the two dimensional Bar Code that is on the prisoner’s wrist with his database plus an updated facial picture (head shot) that is taken by the system and additional data and handling instruction are added by the authorized warden as necessary.
Throughout the whole transfer process, every handing over or accepting of the prisoner is done by a simple scan with a mobile phone camera of the two dimensional Bar Code that is on the bracelet. The scanning event is being recorded in the central computer with time and location notes and in response to the scan the scanner gets on his mobile phone the updated facial picture and the required data and instructions that relate to the prisoner.
By the end of the process the inmate is identified at a prison main gate or an associated establishment. All records are stored in the central computer, the bracelet is taken of from the prisoner wrist and the validity of the 2D barcode is cancelled.


Simple mobile phone with camera becomes a powerful tool that by scanning the two dimensional (2D) Barcodes it sends automatic report of the inmate position and status to central data base. Following the 2D Barcode scanning and report the central computer sends an updated facial picture with identification data as well as internal operational directions and alerts. All is done in fully automatic process within seconds.
Data base and update picture can be updated by authorized mobile or stationary port. The system operational language will be converted to Polish.
The system will control and monitor all transfers, while keep track of the transfer procedures history in a database. Also, the system will generate several reports that will help the HQ officers and the local facilities to manage the activity.