Facilities Cellular Blocking

Facilities Digital Spectrum Jammers System

The problem

Terrorists and criminals are using cellular phones to carry on and manage the criminal operations out side even when they are arrested. Cellular phones are smug led everywhere, even where they are not supposed to be. It is a well known fact that prisoners are smuggle cell phones into prisons, allowing them to share information and manage their business out side of the prison.

Our Solution

Utilizing a carefully planned prison jamming network, our Prison/ Correctional Facilities blocking / jamming system are capable of completely blocking cellular communications within a detention facility, preventing from the facilities inmates to utilize the technologies and tools to continue their business, with absolutely no interference to the spectrum and communication outside the assigned facility area for blocking the cellular nor to any out of band frequencies. The system enables real time control of the required sections for jamming as well as real time monitoring each and every jammer in the system

Prison Jammers Network Diagram

The EY-Tech Correctional Facilities / Prison cellular blocking system is a self contained, fully automated, modular and expandable system – capable of controlling up to 512 deployed jammers from a singler control center. Our jammers can be installed both indoor and outdoor, providing a complete suite of jamming capabilites – for the prison yard and the prison cells, utilizing the same system. Real time monitoring and alerting provides a high level of control and assurance.
Topographic Map of a Prison as seen in the Contol Application

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