Perimetr Security – Electronic Fences and Gates

EY-Tech can offer the full spectrum of electronic alarm fence technologies to best match customer needs as well as virtual alarm fence technologies and advanced access controlled gates for pedestrian and for vehicles.

  • Electronic Fences –Including multi technology based electronic fences
  • Virtual Electronic Fences based on VMD and or buried sensors.
  • Security Gates: Electronic controlled pedestrian gates of varying level of security levels and prices
    • Heavy duty gates for vehicles – variety of shapes and sizes with capability to stop a breaking vehicle of 8 ton moving in velocity of 80 Km/h.
    • Access Control

    • *Face Recognition based access control with 99.9% success and high throughput.
    • *Cellular based scanners for different security applications such as control and monitor guard and staff as well as access control. In principal the system report events associated with time and location in real time to a secured database and enable real time feedback from the database with a picture of the person that tries to enter and relevant data about him, This data can include notifications such as “your access rights are going to expire” or any other notes about the person that is trying to enter. All the events are recorded, including exact time to enter and exit.