Homeland Security
Surpassing the boundries of conventional security

The growing Homeland Security technology needs, created large variety of technology solutions. Many of the common solutions are rather simple conversions of military technologies and as such they may not be appropriate and normally will be too expensive for the Home land Security modest budget . We in EY-Tech have tailored technologies to the specific needs of Home Land Security organizations by working with the people in the field and analyzing the specific solution needs and only than match the results with the affordable available technologies. For example we have looked at the the two important requirements to disable all possible radio operated remote-controlled bombs which became very popular among terrorists as well as the requirement to be able to block inmates unauthorized cellular phone to carry on running their criminal or terror organizations. The available jammers we found to be totally unfitted for the civilian surroundings they have the tendency to disturb with essential civilian communication channels such as cellular networks, TV and radio channels which are not a real problem in military affairs. As a result we have developed together with Lymteck-RF solutions a digital RF spectrum Jammers and adaptable antennas that enable tailoring solutions to be very effective within certain designated area and cause no disturbances to out of band frequencies and /or ten meters out of the designated area.
In the screening of Home Land Security employees especially those that should work on sensitive issues and or carry weapons, the full background screening takes too long and the cost per person is very high, we found new technology that can do it at least as good in a small fraction of the required time and cost. Home Land security forces should be able to operate in emergency situations such as terror attack , earthshaking, flood etc. the common denominator for all emergency situations is the loss of cellular telephony either as a result of the crowd panic or real damages to the communication infrastructure. A cost effective solution to operations of rescue and security of the public under such conditions are mobile phones with MASH topology as well as network connectivity to what has remained in the communication infrastructure and satellites.