RF Technologies

    *Highly efficient Digital Spectrum Jammers Systems :

    *Counter Terror application is to neutralize radio operated Explosive Ordnance Device (EOD) while enabling on board clear emergency radio communication. The Jammers are packaged in the following forms: Backpacks, small trolleys, Handbags, Vehicular protection packages. 

    * Blocking Facilities celllular communication – A comprehensive advance mobile phone jamming system for correctional facilities and fix sites with unique capabilities to avoid out of facility and out of band effects. The system is real time controlled and monitored from the central command post.

    Mobile Communications Technologies

    *Secured Mobile MASH telephone network system that needs no infrastructure and is ideal for full mobile connectivity in emergency situations (when mobile telephony might not be available) and is a solution to overcome out of range or out of line of sight problems.

    *Sniper Coordination System enables sniper squad commander to see the targets of up to 8 different sniper positions at a time with real time video and verify whether they are locked on the correct target. The system is very light and is based on the above Secured Mobile MASH radio communication network system 

    *C*GALA Real-time low cost Identification control system for controlling inmates and/or visitors using two dimensional Barcodes printable Tags or bracelet and regular mobile phones. The system enables real time control & monitoring of guard and staff operations by using the same basic mobile phone.

    *C*BOARD Cellular based monitoring system that enables the billposter to scan the billboard’s two dimensional Barcode, snap a picture and instantly report it back. It serves advertisers in real time monitoring of billboards activities.

    *C*GUARD Cellular based system for real time monitoring of security activities such as patrols and change of guards.

Training Technologies

Training and Manpower readiness management systems. Used by NASA to maximize training efficiency and increase manpower readiness in security organizations.

Suspect Detention Systems (SDS)

Suspect Detection System for Terror and crime prevention. The prevention is obtained  by an automated  multi lingual interrogation and screening  system, for  the identification potential suspects at checkpoints or as screening aid for security and mobile law enforcement agents.

Cellular  Phone  Interception  and  Monitoring

Off the Air passive interception and decryption of cellular GSM 2G& 3G as well as Cellular CDMA and various satellite telephony.
Electro Optics  and Thermal Imaging

Provide several  optics and optical surveillance systems for day and night observation hand held or mast mounted, with variety of exceptional continues zoom MWIR and LWIR thermal imaging systems

  • Electronic Fences – multi technology based electronic fences
  • Virtual Electronic Fences based on VMD and or buried sensors.
  • Security Gates: Electronic controlled pedestrian gates of varying level of security levels and prices
    • Heavy duty gates for vehicles – variety of shapes and sizes with capability to stop a breaking vehicle of 8 ton moving in velocity of 80 Km/h.
    • Access Control

    • *Face Recognition based access control with 99.9% success and high throughput.
    • *Cellular based scanners for different security applications such as control and monitor guard and staff as well as access control. In principal the system report events associated with time and location in real time to a secured database and enable real time feedback from the database with a picture of the person that tries to enter and relevant data about him, This data can include notifications such as “your access rights are going to expire” or any other notes about the person that is trying to enter. All the events are recorded, including exact time to enter and exit.